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A Shower of Perseids on Sunset Crater

The 2016 Perseid meteor shower was excellent from dark skies during the early morning of August 12th. This is a composite of several exposures shot over nearly 2 hours between 2:36-4:29AM (0936-1129 UT). There are 48 Perseids—including two spectacular fireballs—and 5 sporadics included in the shot. Each shot has been de-rotated/repositioned to account for Earth's rotation and to align the meteor to the star field that it crossed at the time of the exposure. All but four of the exposures were shot with a Canon T3i/600D and Rokinon 16 mm f/2 at 10 seconds, f/2, ISO 3200. The remaining four were captured by a Canon T3i/600D and Canon EF-S 10-22 mm at 10 seconds, 10 mm, f/3.5, ISO 6400.

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